New Intern at Artisan Tees! October 02 2014

Yo what’s up beautiful people out there, my name is Quay! I just started an internship at Artisan Tees today ☺ I am learning lots of fun and exciting things here to help further my fashion career so I can hit the ground running!! I’m a new face to our blog and I will also be putting in work to make this bad boy come to life slowly but surely… with fun fashion facts, style tips and more! I feel as if wearing a tee shirt from Artisan Tees makes it so much easier to just be you, to be able to express your style and personality ...young or old! Below in this photo... I am wearing one of our cute and comfy tees with a flirty lime green/yellow Aztec & arrow inspired design that makes it super fun to style and rock! & OMG when I tell you guys that there are so many fun ways to style a printed tee shirt, I am telling the gods honest style truth honey ...ha☺ As I always say you can dress tees up or down and with this tee I decided to go with a cute little dress down! I styled this tee tucked in a pair of black high-waist shorts that have silver zippers on the front, which makes the look a little edgier! Also as you can see, I wore a gold metal arm band and a moon/star patterned headband to balance out that flirty lime green Aztec design, its just fun to play with that pop of color and have it not only in your tee shirt but in some accessories as well. I finished this look off with a gray nude lip color to balance out some of the edginess that I was going for… I like to call this look “edgy Aztec”, one of the many ways to style and rock our Aztec-Arrow inspired tee… until next time MUAH!